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The Quest Advantage

Invest with a company that understands real estate and has a proven track record of success.

  • Value Add Strategy

    We are focused on delivering the highest possible investment returns to its investors by buying undervalued assets and selling them for a profit by utilizing “value-add” strategies such as re-tenanting, redevelopment, debt restructuring, streamlined maintenance and green strategies.

  • Alignment of Interests

    Our commitment to positioning assets to protect investors through various market cycles have contributed to our consistent returns. We co-invest in each project alongside our partners, setting the stage for mutual success.

  • Commitment to Transparency

    We providing our investors with access to real time updates, and share information, resources, and rewards, as well as joint decision-making which results in more effective partnerships.

  • Operational Expertise & Hands-On Execution

    Our thorough analysis, diligence and  operating expertise provides the basis for successful deal sourcing, investment and asset management.  We directly execute our business plan for the asset to better control the outcomes for ourselves and our investors.

  • Strategic Alliance Network

    Our growing network of brokers, investors, vendors, and partners provides access to exlusive opportunities and a wide range of resources.


Acquisition Criteria

Our acquisition criteria is summarized below and as always feel free to reach out anytime for further discussion.

  • Property Types

    Office, Apartments, Shopping Centers

  • Asset Class

    B & C

  • Pricing

    $2,000,000 to $40,000,000

  • Location

    On major streets and throughways, in residential neighborhoods, in close proximity to state capitols, colleges and campuses, mass transit, hospitals and malls and other employment generators.

  • Preferred Markets

    Western United States with an emphasis in Southern California, Colorado, and Arizona

Contact us for more information on current and future offerings.